Guess I'll start the daily thread (Monday)

Doesn’t really feel like a Monday as been in the office studying all weekend. Which is where I’m about to head now before heading through to Edinburgh this afternoon, for an exam tomorrow, not even that bothered if I pass at this stage just want it the way… though I will have to do it about gain if I don’t see I guess I do.

How’s the heads? And the dreads?

Feel pretty fresh so may try avoid the coffee to avoid a crash later.

Monday morning hangover. Good start.

I had a nightmare where someones face was peeled off :scream: nice work brain! Grim as hell.

EDIT: Oooo I have cake next to my name! Delicious.


back in the office after two weeks of travelling. now to mop up the mess.

Started the day by watching a scene of sexual tension in a Netrunner tournament in a mainstream TV show (link in the generic TV thread), so it’s all downhill - albeit a bit less “wtf” - from here.

First day back in work after a week off sick. Thank god I did some work yesterday morning to make today less of a nightmare.

off to play squash in a bit. Not sure I’m awake enough really

Gonna call in sick. Got an absolutely terrible hacking cough and cold. Given I was on holiday this weekend though I feel really guilty about it. Argh. Someone reassure me I’m doing the right thing?

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I had a three day weekend and I’m back today. I’m feeling surprisingly good.

I was out in the sun quite a bit, gardening, going to football and visiting Hever Castle. That probably helped.

Got a bit sun-frazzled yesterday but feeling good today, got a decent night’s kip. Dread is minimal, hopefully finishing up a job today. Having some breakfast biscuits and a banana for brekko though which is a bit crap.

@plasticniki it’s the right thing, but might look dodgy.

Had a cracking day at the parent’s yesterday. Working the late shift today. Not going to be good.

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Of course you are!! don’t feel bad, you can’t control when you get sick :confused: plus if you went in everyone would just want you to go home so you don’t pass it on :wink: feel better pniks!! No guilt!! Only rest!! :sparkles:

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Catching a plane. Train to mcr delayed. Travel anxiety level : HIGH

Luckily I sound absolutely terrible. You can hear my chest wheezing every time I breathe. It’s fucking horrible.

@Witches :heart:

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Yeah it’s fine. It feels like a big deal to you but it’ll barely register with other people and they’ll have forgotten by tomorrow.


So tired.

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That Netrunner scene has done me :joy:

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I wish there was somewhere near me that it was cheap and easy to play squash. Really enjoy it, have fun. Need to get back to the tennis soon.

it’s great fun and good exercise but I’m not really a morning person

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Yeah I can only really exercise if I’m chasing a ball, bit like a dog.

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Decided I’m having bacon and eggs on bagels