Guess the actor/actress

Based on the best 5 names of characters they have played.

Who’s this?

Shadow Handerson
Flip Purify
Roemello Skugs
Noxeema Jackson
Casanova Phillips

good game


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Correct! Now you go, and so on.

Bruce forysth?


Ordell Robbie
Mr Senor Love Daddy
Zeus Carver
Gator Purify
Parnell Edwards

Sam L?

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Samuel L

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JeremysIron shot first


Louise Banks
Susan Morrow
Peggy Dodd
Sydney Prosser

(All recent and fairly popular movies)

Milady de Winter
Most Alluring Princess in Any Galaxy
Violet Song Jat Shariff
Nimue the Blood Queen

Ben Sanderson
Ronny Cammareri
Sean Archer
H.I. McDunnough
Peter Loew

No idea, but these are great names.


can’t imagine anyone will get it. pretty famous, but those are fairly obscure names.

When I saw ‘Alice’ I thought Julianne Moore, but it’s not her is it? Not those other roles.

Do we need to go through your browser history to get these?

This sums up my feelings. Turns out I’m going to be shit at this game.


alice and violet are probably the only ones folk will recognise (if they even them)

travolta? sean archer is face/off innit, dunno who the others are.

oh wait, might be cage then I guess?

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