Guess the celeb - Shepherds Bush Brewdog

Which celeb did I just spot as I walked past the pub?

To give you a clue, their initials are alphabetically consecutive letters

Annie Benjamin Carlos DeVitt Edwards Frenchy Gore Highlands Jackson Kylian Lucifer Mikey Nix Ooooojer Percy Qunicy Richardson Spiky Tit Umberto Victor Wrinkled Xerses Youseff Zidane?


I just walked past it, was it me?

Impossible to say if this is a good or bad post


Carl Douglas

Antonio Banderas

Angela Berkel

Belinda Carlisle?

Barry Chuckle?

is he the dead one?

Jay Kay

Jay Kay?

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Sadly, yes


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Sorry everyone.

No correct guesses yet

Rachel Stevens

male or female?

Also consecutive works in both directions

Venus Williams

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Charlie Brooker

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