from their posts. All posts taken from threads entitled “Thursday Thread” or similar. Don’t guess your own post! :smiley:

  1. Have the beginnings of a cold :frowning: but I have masterfully coordinated my outfit and accessories today (green velvet dress, green velvet choker with bronze snake pendant, gold snake earring which curls around from the lobe to the top of my ear, grey blazer, Slytherin badge) so this is distracting me from my sniffles.

  2. Eurgh. Dragging myself into work again when I could/should pull a sickie. Such a bloody,ruddy trooper

  3. No-one is here so i’m sitting in a darkened hallway eating my pret misery breakfast.

  4. Haha!! I like the name Logan… I would let it slide. A friends friend was talking about baby names and how she really liked the name Conan for a boy. She kept on pronouncing it Con-an though and wasn’t twigging… “Um, I think you mean CO-NAN?”

  5. This is almost new thread material, but my noisy dickhead neighbours have named their newborn son: Riker. I assume after the Star Trek character. Fucking. Hell.

  6. alright party people, think today is my friday, haven’t decided yet. Off to see Spamalot tonight as a friend of ours is in it dancing or some shit, anyone seen it, any good? probably get drunk

  7. Chinese Buffet and Laser Quest last night, excellent time had by all, although I’m now drinking gallons of water to counteract all the salt. Got a 6 hour drive home for Easter this evening :cry:

  8. Easy! Got the day off haven’t I, meeting a mortgage advisor isnt it, gonna have Bombay Burrito for lunch aren’t I.

  9. Last day in this shits nest of a department and to celebrate I’m listening to Limp Bizkit and get unnecessarily aggro with anyone who emails. If I can get through today I won’t have said a word to anyone in here for 4 days.

  10. Had some proper nigh-on hallucinogenic dreams this morning. Thought they were completely real. Bloody weird. Just going to do some work today, then it’s a cheese and wine party in our house tonight!


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1 has to be pervo



Which one?

all of them

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No :smiley:

8 is irons

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All Sean

8 is @Jeremys_Iron



9 is eric

I’m responding with a :smiley: because I will only like correct answers

is 5 Eps?


4 is Witches?


i think 10 is you.

I know a lot of these :smiley: 4. Is pickledoeuf

3 DB?

haha no (bloody love cheese and wine though)

Or maybe not

6 is xylo?