Guess the DiSser from their Title

here you go


I only play Sporcle-verified quizzes.


you’re just salty i didn’t add you to it

How do you even get a title

think if you get a badge, you can choose that badge

otherwise you have to ask a mod to do it

I’m not that needy

Good quiz though, well done japes


thank you

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“Average (adj) - mediocre; not very good.”


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21/37. Nice quiz, thanks japes.

Spent way too long trying to work out why 1101010 wasn’t working before realising I should just type theo


i refuse to call him that

Harder than you might think

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Finally made the big time!!

I refuse to do your quiz.

(I did once consider getting my username changed to Theo but then I realised it would be giving into bullying :wink: )

DiSers with titles are c***s tbh tbf…

*I’m not 100% about using the c-word on here, even for comic effect :thinking:

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Can I make my title cunt? King cunt? Needy cunt?