Guess the disser

Scrape a post from a disser (current or rip) from either here or the old site, paste it here (obviously don’t paste the name of the disser) and let others guess who it is.

This was inspired by that unadulterated balonz post yesterday.

I was going to start of, but I won’t. It’s up to you if you want to use the SPOILER THINGY

I put loads of blur tags in there and it seems to have stripped them out.


Good thread!



This one is so so so easy. It was posted just a little while ago today so no cheating if you’ve read it.

“To the left (as I stand in our front door way looking out) a woman who believes my wife is waging psychological warfare on her personally by listening through the walls constantly (that’s my wife doing the listening and our neighbour can ‘hear’ this)”


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it’s the unnecessary precision and clarifications that give him away there

Those in tandem with the wife reference. The absolute refusal to use time honoured veiling conventions in order to spare the feelings of us wife-less* ones, is classic Theo the heartless bastard!

*I understand that you yourself have a TV

:smiley: does it really make any difference to you if you read the word wife or the word TV? What do you expect of people IRL?

Which two DiSers are these…?

Classic mits

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I think I remember this post


Classic Ant.

Damn I really miss sean

Believe that is in one of my threads.

bonus points available to anyone who can identify the thread too

Could this be the meat shovel grave dude? Or possibly silky in angry mode?

No idea about the other guy, one of the wind up merchants, judging by the reaction?