Guess the film from the Parental Guide comments on IMDB

As taken from the Parent’s Guide on IMDB

What film does this describe?

A classic of '80s cop-spoof films but it is not for kids. The sophomoric humor is rooted in one-dimensional character stereotypes, and there is frequent profanity, as well as nudity, sex, and violence. Furthermore, unlike similar '80s movies like Airplane! , Meatballs , and Caddyshack , this film’s “so dumb it’s funny” brand of comedy hasn’t aged well. Parents looking to share with their kids the '80s movies of their youth are encouraged to look elsewhere.

Whoever guesses correctly can choose the next quote (just use the film search and copy and paste from the What Parents Need to Know section removing direct references to the film itself)

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The Naked Gun?



no, but good guess.

no, but good guess

The Terminator

No, also bad guess

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Police academy



Who’d have imagined that timeless classic might have aged badly!

The next one will be done by: @colinfilth

I’m never going to get one of these so I’m just going to post this quote anyway:

But this isn’t the sweet, exasperated Arnold of Kindergarten Cop or the comedic action hero of True Lies – or even the huggable father stand-in of Terminator 2 and 3 . This is a relentless, shark-eyed killer Arnold. His systematic destruction of the inhabitants of Los Angeles is unsettling even for adults.




is it just terminator 1?

either that or Conan

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FFS I didn’t even mean it to be a genuine entry!

Batman & Robin

Oh what the fuck?


Fine, I’ll just let my kids watch Hostel then