Guess the OS (polls)

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This is exactly right btw


Knew it!!!


alright Peter Mottershead, CEO of Everest Home Improvement

If you can’t make a poll that includes mobile devices then you can’t expect your polls to include the modern internet user

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problem is only real penoids have anything other than an iphone, but that doesn’t mean they use Mac OS.

Kiss me

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I HATE Mac OS! For the first 2.5 years of my current job I was forced to use a Mac. What a piece of unreliable shit.
Blue screen of death on a weekly basis. And where are the accelerator keys in Office products?? Pretty much halved my productivity whenever I had to use Excel/PowerPoint. Anyway, fast-forward to last October and I’m on a project involving Microsoft’s Power BI, which has to be run in Parallels on Mac. I’m now getting full system crashes about twice-daily so I beg my manager for a Windows laptop. Now I have a high-end Dell which meant, most importantly, that I could finally play the original Dark Souls as I’d ditched my PS3 and it seemed not to be available on Steam for Mac. Suffice to say,
that was a joy, as is any work I have to do in Office programs (ok, maybe not, but it’s much faster now). And whenever I go over to our San Francisco office everyone goes “woah is that Windows? I’ve not seen a Windows laptop in years!!!11!!!1” and then I can’t connect to any of our TVs which rely on Airplay.
Also, my company’s mobile app relies on iOS and I’m an Android kid so I eventually managed to get them to buy me an iPod Touch to replace my ailing iPod in order to be able to use our main application.
What a funny story!




Well colour me wrong.

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I don’t know what this means

Respect the format



Yeah, I regard anyone who doesn’t have an iPhone as subhuman scum, thought it might be a bit heavy for hump day morning.

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I’m currently coding in R on the laptop I wanted mainly to play a particular video game. If I look up I can see my board game collection including things like Race For The Galaxy, and I was taking notes for my pipeline dream Iain M Banks sci-fi podcast over breakfast earlier. I think ‘real penoid’ is a bit too kind if anything…