Guess the products

I just bought some things. Can you guess what they are from the photos below, please try and get the brand itself for my maximum respect.

Honey mustard salad dressing
Dried Fruit

1-4. Boots bum cream


4 are those Bassett jelly sweets I think

Speaking from experience I see

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My phone recently updated, allowing me to highlight bits of text in images (!). Means it’s possible to google that barcode and find out pretty quickly, I’m afraid :frowning:


Thank you for your honesty.

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They are not.

that last one is some chocco covered berries or something? Or maybe covered raisins, unsure but I’ve seen them about
oh brand, the really chocolately berry establishment

Very close, ruffers, they’re the only dried fruit I will entertain (apart from dates), and yes they’re chocolate covered…(brand is incorrect)

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No. 2 is a cheddar cheese, I think, but I can’t remember the brand. It’s not Cathedral, but something else.

not a nice way to talk about your TV

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no but I suppose you’re going into the right territory with gooseberries

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Is number two the naturli butter you regularly refer to

It is not


Winner of number 2. Naturli vegan block. Delicious little babe that it is.

  1. Slime/Gunge on accounts of how you’re hosting the return of Get Your Own Back and have been doing product research

  2. This is a ream of tiny printer paper for a tiny printer

  3. One of those bottles of Whiskey that costs £12,000 or what have you and comes in a box for some reason

  4. Nuts


I should probably say that these are all incredibly wanky middle class purchases and one of them I’ve never seen before in my life so got for a novelty snack for M

2 is butter I believe.