Guess the Soap Star with Theo


Character name or Actors name.


I do not know either the actor or the character. But god, what a hairdo.


I’m going to hazard a guess at it being from Neighbours. If this is Kylie then wow.



hopefully not too much of a spoiler (although I know that Theo does love trucks)

but ^that guy was a special guest at Peterborough’s TRUCKFEST one year.

Same year that Proclaimers played in fact. Wow.


Daphne ! poor Daphne. Des was devastated when she died :frowning:


yes, it is indeed Kylie!

Well done.


Here’s a picture of her on screen marriage to Jason Donovan


No points there but you were correct on Neighbours.


Thanks! It didn’t look like Kylie but I think she’s the only woman I know from that soap.

@thewarn let’s keep this accurate.


sorry theo. I am suitably chastened.


Fancy a guess at the one the Prof posted.


Fuck me. I gave it to you on a plate Theo as well.


Oh, sorry, I missed that.

Sorry @profk I have no idea who that Matalan Karate Kid guy is.


I think you posted after I had guessed, no?


It’s Beppe Di Marco (real name not important). Now don’t be a FLATHEAD Theo and get the next one correct


Trick question; that’s also Kylie


Err. This just looks like an old guy. It’s probably that patriarch of the family bloke from Home & Away.

That’s my best guess. :smiley:


Half a point awarded for the right soap, half a point removed for disgusting ageism.