Guess the Soap Star with Theo

Bonus Round.

Point for each character/actor (no points for the name of the Soap)

Leland Palmer?

For closure the old bastard as you called him was Donald ‘Flathead’ Fisher.


Helen Daniels, Kylie, Bouncer, Kylie

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Iain Beale
Michelle? Her who was in Grange Hill before
I recognise this guy who looks like Jon Ronson but no name.
No idea about last chap

third along is theo.

1 Point.

From left to right.
Ian Beale
Mary the Punk
Dr Legg

Extra bonus point for identifying which one of the above told me to fuck off once?

I recognise the name ‘Lofty’. And I’m going to guess that he was the one who told you to fuck off once.


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your guess was so shit I thought you were kidding. DM me for help if anymore 80’s neighbours stars come up.

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(Is this actually someone from a soap or your reaction to this thread?)

I think you looked better without the wig and with the beard, tbh.

Incorrect it was Ian Beale. For another extra bonus point name the former Eastenders star turned rubbish singer turned rural copper who was with him at the time?

Fucking hell, don’t even want to know how many hours I wasted hungover watching Hollyoaks omnibus at Uni.


Nick Berry, is I think the man you mean. I don’t know what character he played.

Plasticniki used to be a goth?!


Bonus point awarded. Congrats.

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Oh shit, it does look quite like @plasticniki now you’ve said that.

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