Guess the sound (it's nothing dodgy)

Hi guys, here’s a bit of Friday ‘fun’ for you; fancy having a guess what you think this is?

If I’m honest, if i pause my music, it will mean i have to get up and unlock my phone, which I’ve got plugged into my stereo, as chromecast audio doesn’t scrobble, and I’m not in the mood to stand up. it sounded a little like a cat on a rocking horse but i couldn’t get the detail.


I appreciate your guess p_o_r but it’s incorrect.

are you rubbing a comb, Jez?

I thought it unlikely, as very few cats are willing to rock rocking horses, but thought that might have been the very trick of the question.

As and when i next go near my headphones I’ll take the time to study the audio in greater detail, just in case i can get more clues.

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Oooh no not a comb but I am rubbing something (again, I refer you to the nothing dodgy clause of the op).

a zip?


I can’t hear the sound, but I’m going to guess: corduroy

I don’t think I’ve ever worn corduroy in my life marckee.

polka dots?


I’ve worn polka dots yes.

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are you rubbing a cat after it’s just had a most exhilarating session on a rocking horse?

I don’t want to give away the answer but I definitely think you should move away from the cat/rocking horse area.

Really? I had you pegged as the type to do so.

This is hurtful coming from an architect.

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“What is Alan firing his friend’s air rifle into?”

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OOOH! are you rubbing a dog on a rocking chair?

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Was hoping it would be Staying Out For The Summer tbh


Or a compliment