Guess the sound (it's nothing dodgy)

OOOH! are you rubbing a dog on a rocking chair?

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Was hoping it would be Staying Out For The Summer tbh


Or a compliment

Is captainricebox pieces_of_reece!?

I knew there was a reason I liked the cut of their jib


Twisting a plastic thing that’s in another plastic thing that’s a little bit stiff

He fessed up in another thread, it’s some huge pus-filled growth under his eye or something. Proper gross.

I regret opening this thread

that’s the sound of a pen being bitten

nope, he’s rubbing a massive sack of festering boils under his eye.

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In one of the scariest moments that technology has ever presented, I was automatically signed up to new DiS using this name and it seemed like an amount of effort to change it.

Next series of Black Mirror you reckon?

I’m not sure the general public are ready for such a chilling piece of science-fi

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Filmed on an old camera…


Nothing dodgy!

All bets are off since we found out it’s the sound of jezza rubbing a giant mutating spore under his eye.

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Reckon I’ve just about got over this cold too, can you imagine how much worse it could’ve been last week? Hoooo.

Ooh is it…

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No, he’s already confirmed that he’s rubbing a gargantuan mucas-sack under his eye

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