Guess the TV show from the guest stars

Actually they weren’t stars at the time but i dont know how else to word it. Changing non major cast members?

Anyway, have a guess and then post your own?

Idk. Let’s procrastinate!


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Oh ffs this is going to take me ages

Pls chat amongst yourselves

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Strictly Come Dancing.

The Brittas Empire

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Is it Arthur Bostrom from Allo Allo?

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The Brittas Empire 2: Brittas Harder

Really interested to see how this has gone my tomorrow

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Max off Eastenders
Idris Elba
Benedict Cumberbatch
Irene off Eastenders
Adrian Lester
Johnson off Peep Show
Kal off Corrie
Neil Stuke
Jack Dee
Anthony Head <3
Stephen Moore
Tim Healy

Love that show, was only talking about it a few weeks ago so you can have a bonus point

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Band of Brothers.

It’ll be something like one-episode patients on Casualty or corpses on Silent Witness.

There was also a guy in one who I recognise from something rubbish, like gavin and stacey but not that, he has a square head and big ears. Bit of a lad. Can’t see the episode though and I’m losing the plot.

Just in case this nugget of info clinches it for you.

Are these official guesses?


Das Boot

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Many thanks,


Russell Tovey?

They were not corpses but yes, it’s Amanda Burton era Silent Witness.