Guess the Waitrose product from the review!


Tell us more

chicken cake?

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Not a million miles away

Choclit cake

Of sorts. A particular kind

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Hang on, a partridge & a pheasant are not the same bird


Wouldn’t catch a pheasant hanging out in a pear tree, oh ho ho no

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Oh shit :smiley:

I was tired! God damn BITT, eyes like a hawk (also not a pheasant)



Shhh, I thought I’d got away with it!

Hmmm. Alan is 65 or over, 5 stars… fresh… I think some sort of seafood
I think a crab

Close, but no cigar!

(It’s not cigars either)

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Is it seafood? Hmmmm… some sort of salmon?

Getting colder!

ok everyone. This was Waitrose version of Colin the Caterpillar cake and it was so dry! so, so dry

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Is it a bottle of champers?

A good guess, but it’s not right!

BREAD. It’s a fancy bread.
Olive ciabatta?!?!