Guess what album I'm currently listening to? (mtfrsb)

Go on, 'ave a guess.

The answer was “Narkopop” by GAS.

Thanks for playing.

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My turn.
What album am I listening.

Hint, I am wearing a bee hive on my head.

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The ol Confidence Man album?


No, that was the one album I wasn’t going to be listening to.

B-52s - S/T

Nope. Sorry.

Please feel free to try again.

That’s the only album I know



“Narkopop” by GAS?

Close but that’s a hard no from the judges.

The bees made honey in the lions skull?

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Honeyz - Wonder No. 8

Blind Melon- S/T

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The Hives - Veni Vidi Vicious

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She Keeps Bees - Kinship

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You all lose.

I’m outa here.

Billie Piper - Honey to the b

Badly Drawn Boy - Hour of Bewilderbees


Bee Here Now