Guess what album I'm listening to right now for some reason

Released in 2001 by a British band

NB: This is a very similar thread to the one where I was listening to Loss by Mull Historical Society but it’s not them this time.

Finelines by My Vitriol



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Unfortunately not!

gorillaz s/t

Star sailor (is the album called love is here?)

Free all angels Ash

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It is not that but Alcoholic is a good song and I might listen to it in a bit.

EDIT: I was thinking of Good Souls sorry

You are listening to the first Hundred Reasons EP.

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I was earlier but not now


Wonderland Charlatans

swing when you’re winning by Robbie Williams (actually a good album)


You are listening to excellent Cornish emo band Kids Near Water’s self titled EP.

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NME gave this album 4 stars and said that it

isn’t going to bring down the complacent status quo in one fell swoop. But, as a shot of slow poison in the bloated side of Establishment Rock, it’s an excellent start.

Turin breaks

Echo Park

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You are listening to Learning To Let Go by Terris.