Guess what album I'm listening to right now for some reason


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I’d love to but I have an album on already, maybe tomorrow as the Stereophonics once said

Don’t want you getting sued.


I would too!

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I saw Coldplay supporting them, lucky me

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Check out The Vines’ new single “Get Free” if you get the chance. Sound of the summer


Ain’t lookin’ for nothin’! But a slow time!
And it don’t get slower than thisssssssssssss

Still got my review copy of this lying about somewhere. I don’t think I was particularly kind at the time, because it wasn’t very good. Crashland were much better, but lacked the overblown NME hype.

Has anyone got it yet, i.e. can I now use this as a 2001 song dump? Never going to get it

It’s Turin Breaks

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