👀 Guess what it is with Bam!

It’s not a Cornish pasty…

A Devon pasty?

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really like the pasty pirate. always worry he’s burning his hands off eating it like that


I don’t think much of pasties by it’s a fun word to say, pasty. Probably because I get to use the hard northern a sound which i don’t normally get a chance to

i call them ‘parsties’ with the southern ‘a’

Quit living in the pasty


don’t really

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Don’t tell lies about pasties please.

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Is that one of the Visionaries?

Knights of the magical light!

What was the other hologram toy line - Supernaturals? I had one of those.

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this is someone squeezing their earlobe

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this is a dustmite

It is not, in fact, a dustmite.

A flea?



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Yep. Loved that cartoon more than it deserved. Oh yeah I had a supernatural figure too… no idea where they came from… was it a cartoon as well?

that’s a small monkey grooming itself on table full of ornaments

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I’m still convinced that it’s a picture of a kitchen work surface that’s been put through that Google deep dream thing. Reckon the monkey-thing is the underside of a big mushroom

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