Guess when Easter 2020 is (A new game)

This is a game where basically what you have to do is guess when Easter is.

What you do is you post a date that you think Easter 2020 will be on (without Googling it) and then, eventually someone might post the right date and they are the winner.

around april? idk

last one was late, right? so next one will be early

april… 12th


Guess One:

April 17th

March 29th

Japes has guessed “April 12th”

cutthelights has guessed “March 29th”

April 12th

xylo has guessed “April 14th”

The Funkman has guessed “April 12th” and, as such, has been ELIMINATED


TANGENT (or ot related to this? Idk)

Did you know May Bank holiday is being moved next year, for one year only?

Well it is. Can’t remember details, but feel free to guess them…

I could ruin your whole game here but I won’t.

Sorry Funkman, a duplicate guess is an elimination, I don’t make the rules

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What if it wasn’t a guess?

You would be eliminated for “ungentlemanly conduct”

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Ok in that case, it was a guess.

March 15th?

Is it an… Emergency?



Do I open it?

  • Ok then
  • No, it’s obviously a trap

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has anyone said in 2020 yet

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