Guess which 1989 film a man was wearing a jumper of in m&s

It looked like a new jumper too. The man was about 22.

Weekend at Bernie’s


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Tango & Cash

Look Who’s Talking

Ghost busters 2

Driving Miss Daisy

James Bond 007: License to Kill

the best of 1989

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turner & hooch

When Harry met sally

Must be either Batman or The Little Mermaid if it’s contemporary merch

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My Left Foot

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Google isn’t showing me this design at all, new or old :thinking:

Field Of Dreams, in memory of Ray Liotta

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Ghostbusters 2

Ding ding! Winner!


I this heaven?
No, it’s Iowa

there’s probably millions of folks in Iowa that have had this as a bumper sticker/hoodie/poster the last 33 years tbf

Oh here it is in t-shirt form. Turns out it is not new. He sure washes his clothes with care.