Guess which C list celebrity

Bez, but he might be b list.

I think he would have a calming presence on those around him

Not necessarily from Manchester though, people do visit here.

They’re not Mancunian though, but Northern.


Geoffrey Boycott (in town to watch the cricket)

Nadine Shah

Edit: Harsh saying she’s C List tbf

who is northern?

No, Bez is most often spotted wearing cycling shorts in the vegan supermarket

Sean Bean

He does. I met him when Jnr was 3 days old and he asked if she was named after the Shipping Forecast (she is) and I managed to answer him without embarrassing myself


Mark Morris from the bluetones
Bombhead from hollyoaks

what a good question, I would never have something cool to say like that

ole gunnar solskjaer

is there a list below C or does it go straight to Z from there?

the big lad

Liz McDonald

MC Tunes

Rae and/or Christian

Kev Kennedy

Dave Benson Philips or
Mel and Martina from Fun House.