Guess which celeb #Deansgate edition

Mere moments from where I saw Sue Nicholls, I’ve just seen a “celeb”

Not one associated with Manchester.

James Dean Bradfield

Noel Gallagher

Ursula von der Leyen

Kerry Katona

Oh apologies, I’m now thinking its merely a lookalike but lets play anyway

Sorry, I don’t participate in the lookalike version of these threads.



Arthur Bostrum

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I can’t guarantee it either way. Checked their insta for clues, inconclusive

Terry Christian?

Much less famous than anyone posted

The Queen?

Dean Gaffney?

They are associated with Brighton

One of the Gallagher brothers only time I ever see them is on Deansgate (seriously during mid 00’s I saw at least one of them every week on the corner with Blackfriars Street)

Oh and the lass that played Rosie Webster used to see her a lot on Deansgate

Audrey from Corrie

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I’ve only ever seen them in Spain

Nick Cave

Fat Boy Slim