Guess which celeb (garage edition)

Guess which celebrity just smiled at me whilst carrying some co-op bags from their boot to their garage.

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Simon Gregson

Very close!

Greg Simonson


Brad Pitt

Michael le Vell

Fred Dineage


Helen Worth

Even closer (and I do have a carrier bag related meeting with her actually)

Sue Nicholls

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Very surprised about where she lives, though being realistic here this is probably one of several homes.

sorry to have destroyed your thread so ruthlessly.


Rick Boogs

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I like the quick wins best

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I mean, I’ve got a bit time to kill now.

Might host an AMA about other minor Coronation Street encounters I’ve had.

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Did she make the noise?

She was, sadly, silent.

Had a very classy air about her. Think she smiled at me out of pity.

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I used to fancy her when I was wee. She seems like a nice woman.

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She does! Never heard a bad word about her when I was in a position to hear all the gossip about the cast. Never a good one though, she just evaded gossip.

Her dad was a Tory MP wasn’t he.