Guess which celebrity #23460727

Just followed me on twitter

Please be broad with your definition of celebrity

Wolf from Gladiators?

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Can we ask questions or is this just a stab in the dark?


You can ask me anything you like (except their name)

Are they on tv

Wikipedia tells me yes, one regular guest slot on a show that people on here seem to love but otherwise mostly other mediums

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are they in a soap opera?

local to Manchester? is it the old trafford devil

Nope, not an actor

do they have a face for radio…?

Dr xand

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Northern but not Manchester, defected to London

Vernon Kay

Dame Thora Hird

I wish! I noticed lots of the bits on Operation Ouch where they go out on the streets are filmed outside my office. Hoping for a new season so I can watch for him.

Not that I’m aware

Here is a short interlude to reflect on my best celebrity follower


Interlude over.

Continue guessing

Gillian McKeith

Is it Owen Jones