Guess which famous person was just at the next door checkout to me in Aldi?

Only popped in for some Nordpak and right next to me, buying a bottle of white wine, was someone with whom we are all familiar.

  • Male
  • English
  • c70yo
  • Midlander by birth
  • Not someone with whom I would strike up a conversation or ask for a selfie.



king charles 3


Pete Waterman

Jasper carrott

would have guessed this but would definitely want a selfie with JC

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At this I’m like deffo Adrian Chiles

But there’s absolutely no way you’re passing up a Chiles selfie, on a Friday no less

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Mr Peter Bone


Phil taylor

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No one so far in the right ball park, although his current oeuvre is quite niche…


^Also this

He was driving a 5 year old Mazda 3

Stewart Lee

The queen


Not Lenny Henry then I guess

Were they a sportsman?

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John Virgo


Nigel Mansell