Guess which giant of British music I just saw as I was coming out of Maplin Oxford St

Well, go on then, guess!

(You can also double down and guess the product I was getting in Maplin as well, 5000 points to anyone who gets both celeb and product in the same post)

Jim Kerr.

Paul Weller, fan heater.

Close and then not close.

Annie Lennox, HDMI Cable


I was not buying Jim Kerr in Maplin.

Not close, closeish.

Noel Gallagher, USB cable

omg i was about to do the same post

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Some Kasabian twat, a really swish graphics card for rendering all this Football Manager spreadsheets

Roger Daltrey - iphone charger

Elvis Costello, 4-way anti surge plug

NAILED THE CELEB, very close on the product

One of the Cribs, Apple Lightning cable


iPhone charger?

You were closer with the first product guess, it was a specific type of cable…

jack lead

No, it was Noel Gallagher


ur gettin a smak u cunt


3.5mm audio whatsit?