Guess which...

Footballer I was just sat next to in Trove?

The one that’s famous for his feet?


Phil Jones


Marcus Rashford?

Going back to work now don’t worry.

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Don’t you dare quit on me.

Also, no.

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Is it a famous one?

What is Trove?

Baby don’t hurt me


No idea. I dont know any footballers. I only know who this was as they said their name. They have a Wikipedia page so maybe.

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Excellent pastry place in Ancoats.

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Raheem Sterling

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So far all guesses are barking up the wrong tree entirely

Thanks. What is Ancoats?

The world’s first industrial suburb

Jill Scott

Enzo Scifo

This is more like it ( . ) ( . )

Katie Zelem?

She plays for Man City