Guess who are the three most searched for users on New DiS?


The ones named after bands.



Searched for in the little search bar on the site or from a search engine?

In the little search bar on the site.

@grouponvouchers ?

Sadly not, no.

Oh is it that Jared guy?



User A has been searched for 1089 times
User B has been searched for 754 times
User C has been searched for 673 times

the 3 women


DarwinBabe, meowington, Scout


Given that you can just click on a user’s name from their posts, perhaps it’s old DiSers who haven’t posted much, but did set up an account here?

I don’t think I’ve ever used the search function to look for a username.

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He doesn’t make the top 15

Nope, but I really hope someone found them eventually - don’t want them rotting in a corner and stinking the place out.

Yeah this is how I do the majority of my casual DiS related stalking.


one of the mods or a quiz master, or something to do with the raffle

No women make the top 3

DB is 4th. The other two don’t make the top 15. (Sorry ladies)

Two are current DiSSers, one left at some stage.