Guess who I just saw on my lunch break?

So there I was, sat on a park bench enjoying a club sandwich when the lead singer of a popular Swedish 00s indie pop band strolls by …and then less than five minutes later the singer & keyboard player of a different 00s indie pop band strolls by in the opposite direction

Name the two bands for a special prize

Par Wiksten andddd Nina Persson

Aka the wannadies and the cardigans

Oh maybe the hives too

Wrong on all counts I’m afraid

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There are no other Swedish indie bands


Oh but there are

The Shout Out Louds


Wait …

The Concretes and Peter Bjorn and John

One of them from The Concretes?

Correct! Adam Olenius & Bebban of The Shout Out Louds were the pair who walked by second


The word ‘popular’ was very misleading there


Nope & nope …though various members of both do live in an adjoining neighbourhood

Someone from Alphabeat or The Soundtrack of Our lives


Oh wow so there is still a Swedish band person that walked by or these are the them? Or are you in Sweden?

Can we just continue to list ever more obscure Swedish bands?

The Shout Out Louds were not given the adjective popular, the singer of the first band was

To be fair though, that singer & his band just had one massive worldwide hit (got to number 8 in the UK charts) thanks to an advert & weren’t really known outside of Sweden apart from that

I’m in Sweden


Was it someone from Alphabeat or The Soundtrack of Our lives

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