Guided By Voices in 2021

liking the track a decent amount, though as I said before no album has stuck in my head fully since August By Cake

Lol, it’s always just around the corner. Where do you live on this would you rather they spent a bit more time trying to make the best album, or do you prefer Pollard just to put out everything.

Im probably in the middle where I liked when he’d put solos out non stop but I’d rather he put a bit more time on actually GBV albums. But I think business wise ,I can see why most is just GBV now.

yeah recording and releasing endlessly is just who he is, and a big part of why I became a superfan initially anyway - so can hardly judge him for still doing it now

that said, i definitely have dipped in and out of all their output since the 2011 (?) reformation, the constant stream has taken away a little of the mystery and intrigue. So I’m exactly like you where that I’d prefer we maybe just had one (better) GBV album a year, and the rest could be side projects or solo stuff

Imagine wishing for a band to slow down to just one album a year :smiley:

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yeah i’d like him to spend a bit more time and do like one album a year, but if he has to put out loads of stuff, then go back to having solo albums and random side projects to fulfill that i guess. it was always nice having some kind of delineation between different projects, although releasing that EP recently under a different name was a good sign that maybe he’s gonna get into that sort of thing again.

that said i really quite like most of that big glut of both GBV and solo albums in that 2012-2014 period, i just think the material hasn’t been strong enough recently to justify so many releases

Actually just went to check if the rate of releases had changed

1987 - 2004: 16 albums
2012 - 2021: 17 albums

Most people are meant to slow down as they get older Bob!

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‘Haven’t been to heaven, but i’ve heard good things.’ :smiley:

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Blasted through the run from Propeller to Under The Bushes Under The Stars earlier.

Can’t say anything new about Propeller, Bee Thousand or Alien Lanes. Just chock full of hooks and idiosyncratic lyrical and production touches. If there’s a wasted moment on any of them it’s in the last two or three song of Propeller but that’s it.

Vampire On Titus was a pleasant surprise, much better than I’d remembered and I will definitely be going back to dig into it. Feels like the songwriting craft is there but the production is just a tad murky.

Under The Bushes Under The Stars will always be my favourite GBV album. This time around I listened to the original twenty four track album, the nine song bonus disc that came with my original copy and the two bonus songs that were on the American version, along with the B-sides from that time. I genuinely think it’s the best GBV era, nary a bad song. Hadn’t heard ‘The Finest Joke Is Upon Us’ in years and what a song it is.

Was reading about the sessions for it all over again and I wish The Power Of Suck album produced by Kim Deal actually came out. Would kill to hear those sessions, seeing as the songs she produced are some of the best from Under The Bushes….


did you listen to Same Place the Fly Got Smashed?

couple of really good songs on that one but again find it a bit hit and miss on the whole

I did! Some good songs on it (‘The Hard Way’, ‘Drinker’s Peace’) but the second half is bad. That run of ‘Ambergris’/‘Local Mix Up’/‘Murder Charge’ is pretty terrible.

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Preach! It gets (relatively) underrated, but I think it’s near flawless

Also I think a chunk of stuff that might have gone into Power of Suck ended up in various Suitcase collections? Unsure about that now but I know I did some digging around in my most obsessive fan phase

Pantherz was meant to be on POS at least, and that’s such a great tune

i love their sound on Under the Bushes but it IS a little bit too long…


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Been really digging UTBUTS of late. It is one I’ve overlooked a bit for some reason. Pretty perfect record though innit. And, yes, the Kim Deal songs are fantastic.

I’ve also been obsessed with the Circus Devils album Stomping Grounds. Fuckin’ great.

Think this song was one of the Albini produced songs.