Guilty pleasures

Things you derive much enjoyment from even though they’re far down the cool scale, whatever that is :man_shrugging:


Will Hay films
Model railway exhibitions
Girls Aloud circa 2007 - 2008
David Suchet’s Poirot
Spam Fritters
ITV’s ‘Take me Out’
The songs of Flanagan and Allen

If you can bear the shame, feel free to share yours if you have any…

There’s one that I was proper obsessed with the atmosphere of for a while but couldn’t remember the name. Watched it recently and really enjoyed it (though I’ve forgotten the name again – I’ll do a quick Google)

One quick Google later: The Ghost of St. Michaels!

Good memory of being at my nan and granddad’s when the last episode was on. Nan came in the room and said “You don’t normally watch Poirot,” and my granddad replies, “It’s the last one and I want to see if he dies.”


Everybody Loves Raymond

Model railways are pretty cool, imo, but that probably says more about me. Pretty interested in trains generally, tbh, which isn’t particularly cool.


Love Island
Christmas carol concerts (I’m not religious anymore, but find these quite nice)



Meat Loaf

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Explaining concepts that others are already very familiar with

Totally with you on model trains. I’d never want to, cos faff and space and expense, but seeing some old boy totally chuffed with his huge vista all working perfectly is so lovely.

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Go on…

No such thing as guilt for things that don’t harm anyone and excite you. Bye!


Sorry I was just having a cheap dig at the original post

The food or the singer?

definitely not the food :face_vomiting:

Great film.

Favourite of mine is Oh, Mr Porter! Was obsessed with it as a child, and I still think it’s a classic of 1930s British cinema. So many great lines.

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How I Met Your Mother
Basically any American late 90s / early 00s teen movie