Guitar inventory thread

So tell me what we’re all using to craft our mad bedroom math-pop masterpieces.

AVRI 62 Jazzmaster
Lite Ash Tele
70s Silverface Champ
Vox Lil Night Train
Fuzz, trem, OD, looper

The JM has been sitting on 5 strings for a couple of years and has now dropped down to 4. Really should get it seen to but sort of enjoying thit limitation, feels it’s making me play and write differently.

1995 Japanese 52 reissue tele
squier tele custom with better neck and pickups
squier bass vi
gretsch electromatic baritone
epiphone et270

vox ac4
epiphone valve junior


Well this made me sad.

I found the folder of photos on the weekend from when I had to sell all my instruments on ebay post-separation.

Lakland Darryl Jones. It’s a thing of beauty.
Also a Mex Precision with SD Quarter Pounders and a BadAss bridge, a Ken Smith Designs proto-J five string that I hate, and a Squier Bass VI with a staytrem bridge.

Amp is a MarkBass Little Mark into an Eden 1x12. With. LeBass preamp, the sound is what I’ve been hearing in my head for years. I love it.

Various pedals, but I’m mostly all about the reissue Russian Big Muff.

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2002 Jazzmaster
Squier VM Jaguar
Squier VM Mustang
couple of Epiphone SGs

Hot Rod Deluxe
Marshall JTM60

lots of pedals

How’s the Bass VI? Always caught my eye. And that’s sad the Staytrem worth it as I’m strongly leaning that way for my JM upgrade

Also cmon lads, just “pedals” doesn’t cut it. If you got anything cool you are required to geek out about it.

I got a White Atom fuzz recently which is great, has a texture control which means you can take it all the way from starved, dying battery sounds through to full on in your face Muff territory. Always keep it around 50/75% so that there’s a bit of edge to the tone.

Pretty sure I want my next guitar to be one of those Epiphone hollow lads. Y’know like a Casino, ES-355, Riviera Custom, P93 etc. etc. Anyone got an opinion on which one they like best?

It’s a lot of fun and great value. I’m no longer snobby about Squiers because of it.

The Staytrem was really needed, because it instantly goes out of tune when you use the tremolo arm with the stock bridge. I also shimmed the neck.

Criticisms - the pickups are pretty low output, so I’ve added a boost pedal at the front of my chain because it doesn’t really push overdrive pedals without it. Also the Fender strings are rubbish and the only ok ones I’ve found are a good forty fucking pounds a set.

This is relevant to my interests - been hankering after a hollow body for years, ideally a cherry red one…

Oh yes.

D’you know I actually think I prefer looking at guitars than actually playing them.


In that case, this is prolly the bad boy for you…


FINALLY the search is over!!

Actually no - doesn’t have a tremolo arm. Back to the Andertons website it is.

Well if you’re going full Gallagher there’s always this:

Could really give the music scene a 'king great kick up the arse with that axe. Probably sounds stadium sized when it ain’t even plugged in.


Better get roof insurance m9.

Fender Jaguar (2002 maybe).
Tokai (Japan) SG with P90s
Ibanez Roadstar II
Epiphone LP (1995 ish)
Really nice bass, I keep forgetting who made it but is an upgraded Musicman copy
Takamine Acoustic
Crafter Acousitc (in a bag in the loft)
And just bought my daughter a 3/4 Squier Strat. It’s really excellent.

On the blower to Harvey Keitel as we speak mate.

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I believe it rocks so hard it actually killed Bonehead and Guigsy at a rehearsal pre- Standing On The Shoulder(s) of Giants. Andy Bell and Gem were fine though as they tuck their long hair into their ears unseen.