Guitar nerds please help: modifying a guitar's pickups



so my guitar has a HSS set-up, 5 way selector, one tone pot and one volume pot. it took a bit of a blow and it woulf appear either the connections or the pickups themselves are fucked.

might well just be the connections - I’m a novice w/r/t this kind of thing. but I thought it’d be neat to replace the pickups anyway.

reading up on it, I’m a little confused. I haven’t even figured out the wiring, but I’ve been sidetracked by things I’ve read about how the humbucker and single coils affect each other’s tone or whatever?

I require guidance. please help me out.


What type of guitar is it?


a Squier Showmaster. not a great guitar or anything, but I can’t afford a new guitar for the time being.


This’ll do you, just pay attention to the take note. If you need a soldering iron let me know I can lend you mine :slight_smile:


(That’s worked for 3 fender guitars I’ve worked on)


ahh cool, a schematic! thanks my dude. didn’t know you’d tinkered with guitars. :guitar: