Guitar shops are the worst

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Remember feeling so intimidated going to into guitar shops when I was a teenager looking to learn. Got upsold so much rubbish. And they were probably relatively welcoming to me compared to how I bet they treat a lot of people.

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Even worse is the people that hang around the counter all day who don’t actually work there.


Just shitty. Some small ones are okay, but anywhere with branded polo shirts seems to mean that if you ask for a guitar off a rack you have to endure some dinlo getting it, noodling with it a bit before they give it to you, showing off and projecting their superiority. Testostereek.

Best guitar-buying interaction I ever had was when someone sold me a guitar at a market for £20, little '60s Korean acoustic that’s now my daughter’s.

oh man they suck so much don’t they?

fucking Eric Clapton shaggers


always a metal guy who just shreds in the corner constantly on his Ibanez.



Because the stairway leads to the percussion and keyboards department


There’s only one music shop left in Cork. Most of the staff are nice but the man who looks after the instrument section is one of the most annoying people I’ve met on this Earth.

My GF and I have an item in there that we’re paying off slowly. The last time we were in we had to deal with him briefly about this. My GF has a slightly unusual surname but nothing too out of the ordinary. He insisted on mispronouncing it multiple times, even after we corrected him to the point where we were shouting at him, at which point he told us to calm down and that he was only having a laugh.

If he pulls that shit the next time we’re in I’m asking for every cent that I gave to the shop back, I’m going to tell him to shove his Roland Go:Keys up his arse and I’m going to buy it on Thomann instead. I utterly hate him.


There’s one in Truro, well a music shop, that is well known for treating female customers like shit.

i went to a music gear shop and I was asked to leave my rucksack at the door as they thought i might steal something.

I was there to buy an electronic drum kit, not sure how Id fit that in my bag :confused:

needless to say I spent my money somewhere else.


I’ve found a local music shop that’s run by great people, however they still have the hanger onner problem.

Once I collected my Jagmaster from being serviced. I’ve had it since 2002 and it had developed a buzzing and humming problem. There was a middle aged man lurking at the counter (who didn’t work there and was just a customer) who immediately started doing that weird defensive thing of making rude remarks to mark his territory, like assuming it was my boyfriend’s guitar, making insultingly low offers to buy it etc.

However the repair man ignored him, and talked to me about the changes he’d made, and then I went to go check it, (with headphones on, so annoying man couldn’t listen in). Annoying man then seemed to decide that I must know what I’m talking about (he is the sole arbitrator of this) and then came and was immensely annoying talking my ear off about pickup magnets while I was trying to pay and buy a new set of strings, and the repair guy was trying to tell me what else he could offer if the buzzing problem turned out to not be entirely fixed.


Mate, listen to the tone on this PRS


PRS are shit and ugly guitars imo


Even though I know that the guitar company and the royalties collection people are completely separate, I still think of them as Official Guitars for Playing Licenced Music with all the blandness that entails.


they’d be alright if they didn’t have that god awful flamed psychedelic pattern or whatever that mirrors at the bottom with the ugly line

why can’t they get that right?

why are people/men like this?

Is it because they are insecure and know that they’re not that talented so they have to compensate by having to know more about boring technical stuff?

It’s not like they collect them naturally grown from an avatar tree is it, it’s just an artificial veneer. I don’t understand why they don’t match them either

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I’d like all my guitars to be natural wood coloured really. Sucks being a lefty though as you have very little choice