Guitarist Wanted: Manchester Area (Ska/Afrobeat/Swing/World)

We’re looking for a guitarist to join our band, The Mighty Vipers. We’re already established with an album released in April 2017 and a good name on the scene. We’ve some gigs in Sept then a European tour in early October for 10 days.

We play a big mix of tunes, so it’s hard to define the player we are looking for. The most important thing is you like ska music. While we are not a ska band, there are offbeats. But we incorporate styles such as afrobeat, latin, reggae, swing, calypso, indie and much much more.

We’re quite active but with an average age of 35 life sometimes takes over. So our future plans are to work more in the Midlands and the North West while doing some adventures to the south too. Then hit the festivals hard in 2018 (and another European) tour. Also we aim to complete an ep by spring 2018.

It is a labour of love. We get paid on average 300-500 a gig. That money goes to cover fuel and the rest gets invested into recordings, merch and other stuff aimed at getting our name out there.

We reherse in Littleborough but our players come from Shrewsbury, Manchester, Leeds and Barnsley. Our aim is to do 2 Friday rehersal a month, but sometimes that slows down with holidays and gigs.

Ideally you are fun and committed to playing. You have transport and your own gear. Don’t mind some long drives and having a party. There’s 7 of us, so we’re always up for fun.

So that’s about it.
If you want to chat, hit me up.

07983 638260