Yes, that’s right it’s time for thread celebrating the greatest sound in music - 2 or more guitars harmonising together for pure musical triumph.

Cheesy you say? why yes, of course, that’s half the fun, but it’s a sound that has a unique ability to make me smile whenever it pops up.

Let’s start off in the obvious place:

I’m not really on board with 70s proggy stuff, but throw in a bit of guitarmony and I’m there:

Obviosuly the sound was very much co-opted by metal in general, but not sure anyone has made such devastating use of it as your favourite nords:

and then inevitably, the people’s champs:

So come on then, give me your favourites.


“As Rome Burns” by the Smashing Pumpkins is an unreleased monster of a song from the Zeitgeist era that has a harmonizing guitar solo that can only be played back to back.

What an absolute tune this is! And the key is that harmonising (sorry, guitarmonising) lead.

That bit at the end of this one

[listens to every single posted tune]


another obvious one is The Allman Bros