Guten donnerstag

How are you? I am still drunk and waiting for my flight to Berlin. I just dried my hands after washing them and the auto tap filled up my hood so I splashed water everywhere. Fml


HELLO. I wondered why you were up at 4.15am but didn’t want to call it out in case it was just anxiety related or something.

How did the tap fill up your hood? Did you have it sitting on the side while you were in the toilet? What?


Welcome to 12% beers :beers:

Half day at the office, train to Newcastle, train to Edinburgh, fringe fringe fringe fringe for a week and a half :tada::tada:


Awake since 4



I was up at 3:15 :sob: been a bit of a nightmare, my mate had a row with the cab driver, loud people on the train, now the engineers are “doing paperwork” so we can’t take off.

I’m so tired :sob::sleeping:


Sounds like someone needs a cheeky jaegerbomb at the airport spoons OIOI


By awful cosmic luck I have to be in work early and stay late :face_vomiting:

Can’t even really bring myself to get out of bed

Non-working day. Awake but went to bed early and being awake at this time is still a bit of a lie in.

Going to get my eyes tested. Then maybe some new gigs.

Then watch cricket hopefully.

Berlin is fun.

I’m through on Sunday :wave: But my gf thinks she’ll be rough so has only allowed me to book 1 thing at 5pm.

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We’re having friends found for a weather-dependant bbq/gathering thing. The only show we have booked for Sunday is Kitson at 10:30pm. If we actuakky make it I’ll be surprised.

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Car is packed. Listening to The Comet is Coming. Having some toast and a cuppa. Bring on the rain


Ah didn’t even know kitson was there this year so shows how much attention I’ve paid.

Morning @dingaling, hope you have a great time :grinning:, and you @rich-t!

Not got much planned today, got to take Mrs F to a doctor’s appointment this afternoon then might go and do the big shop/go to McD or something.


Have fun dingers

Had a dream that I turned into a bee


I slept in my old childhood bedroom. Probably the best nights sleep I’ve had in a while.

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I’m also waiting to fly to Berlin but not drunk :dizzy_face:

Looking forward to some technological music


Morning all.

Just packing for my stag do at ArcTanGent. The weather forecast seems to have perked up, presumably to lead us all into a false sense of security. One of the stag party and ATDs woke up in the middle of the night with D&V and might have to miss it. He’s not the type of dude to cry off anything and was very giddy about the whole weekend so my heart goes out to him. Poor lad. His kids gave it to him too. Never trust children, people. Especially your own.

Hope you’re all well.


Dungeons and…Vragons?



I hope some bands play some good songs

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Fingers crossed numbers, fingers crossed. Will be very disappointed if there aren’t any bands playing done good songs