Guy at work puts the stress on 'mail' when he says email



Quite annoying


nearly everything at work is annoying, this is yet another annoying thing





Burn his house down.


Might start doing this to get some good irks.


Just you saying that has irked the fuck out of me


I’ve mentioned this before but my wife insists on saying “pocket of my coat” instead of “coat pocket”.




it’s demonstrably wrong as well. there are other types of mail so you emphasise the ‘e’. it’s not like you’re sending out e-cards, e-invites then some e-mails.


I know someone who puts the emphasis on the last syllable in Mandela if he ever comes up in conversation. If questioned he says he’s never heard it out loud before, just for some mild irking.


my IT teach at school used to do that when she said Hotmail.

“Joe, I do hope you’re not on


Maybe she was confusing it with a website full of fit blokes.


Less annoying than if they emphasised the Man bit


it’s quite hard work to say it like that. can you maybe get him fired?


Man de-la, Man DE-la


alright the specials aka


My mum does this where she emphasises the “O” sound in anything containing the word Euro - so it’s eurOstar, eurOdisney, the football eurOs.

why is this so annoying? is it just cos it’s wrong?


People who say “coin” as two syllables.



Coín, Spain?