Guy at work who (rolling)

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Guy at work who just replied to our world cup sweepstakes thread with “hi guys this is a good example of when using the ‘reply all’ button really isn’t useful to my working day.”

Sounds like he has a point.


yes. the point visually would look something like this:

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Hope everyone sends him an apology



Guy at my work rides his bike into the building. Doesn’t get off the seat, gets in the lift and down the corridor and leaves it near his desk. Drives the manager mad. Saw him coming out of the lift upstairs facing forwards so he must be reversing into it on the ground floor. It’s great patter from the lad, tbf.


this absolutely makes it banter doesn’t it. GBOGAW

guy at work who microwaves fish in the communal kitchen and it’s not even at an acceptable lunchtime, it’s 3pm.

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Piece of shit. We had someone do this with cauliflower rice, which reeked to a sulphurous level. Made them stand in the cupboard to finish their food.

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Guy at work who replies all to IT begging people to stop replying to the email crashing the servers that was somehow sent to everyone at the company with “Ok”


and that guy…IS ME! :smiling_imp:

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