Guy nxt to me has just found a 2p from 1971 in his draw, its not in good shape mind


old coins interesting


In his what?


Once found a 1969 10p piece at the side of a lake in the Lake District. (They started minting them before decimalisation.)


That is top draw


Did you know there is only one lake in the Lake District?


that’s mere pedant’s talk.


Pub quiz gold mate.


I have now been challenged by the guy opposite me to bring in the oldest coin I own next week, he is going to do the same and whoever has the oldest coin get bought a can of fizzy pop of his choice.


Yes I have read this fact.


what an unusual twist this day has taken


Get yourself down the antique coin shop at the weekend so you can watch his jaw drop while you enjoy a refreshing can of diet Lilt.




It will be a Rubicon if I win, think I have some pretty old coins from my grandparents house maybe even silver