Guylian Seashells - Not Dead

I can’t imagine a more aesthetically beautiful thing in this realm or any other. Sometimes I can be getting on with my day as normal and just have a fleeting thought of their existence and I am stopped in my tracks. Just imagining them is enough to render me speechless.

Stunning, stunning, stunning.


:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


Shimmering sea of dog turds

Some of them are even white


What are you talking about?

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Tasty turds

First the pavlova thread and now this. Got my wife some of these for her birthday last week (and made her a pavlova). Looking forward to seeing the rest of her gifts appearing as forthcoming threads to confirm this whole forum is an algorithm.


This isn’t a thread about their taste (which is fine). This is a thread about their appearance (which is more impressive to me than most renaissance art)

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My favourite shell at the beach is periwinkle

I don’t go to the beach


Also, saw an advert on tv for these the other day and it’s the first time I’d ever seen them advertised on TV. They pronounced it like the British name Gillian (but with a hard G). I’d always assumed it would be something more French sounding.

these things are bloody delish. thanks for the reminder!

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The Lidl version is the same, pretty sure Guylian makes them.


Again, I really cannot stress enough how fundamentally uninterested I am in whether or not any of you people enjoy eating these things.

I am appreciating them as objects of beauty and I expect you all to do the same.


Good correct thread.

Easily the most aesthetically pleasing chocolate.

They do look nice, yeah. Would prefer a box of thornton’s though, if I was still on milkbook.

had a box of these just the other week, for the first time in ages. @The_Respected_User will be pleased to learn that i thoroughly enjoyed eating them

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Just found a higher res version of the image above if any of you want to use it for a desktop background


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This is fucking garbage, mate. Steaming hot garbage.

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@The_Respected_User I quite like the taste of Guylian seashells fyi