Guys... apparently Adam Sandler is in something good again


Anyone going to give this a watch?

The 2017 Film DiScussion Thread

do you still have orange Wednesdays in the UK? or something like it?


didn’t that get taken over by the compare the meerkat people? think it’s called meerkat movies now or something


It’s on Netflix


I think he’s like Jim Carrey - he can do good things, but instead chooses terrible comedies because $$$.

(Less arm-flailing, though)




Yeah you have to buy something via compare the market, it is Tuesdays and Wednesdays, I think it is a weekly code they give out so might be able to get off someone else




Yeahhh gonna watch this on Netflix tonight probably.


Is this going to be one of those things where he gets disproportionate acclaim for being surrounded by more talented people and just playing a toned down, vaguely weepy version of himself?


“Done something good”

“Directed by Noah Baumbach”

Im out


Think someone’s hacked the happy Gilmore will entry there


No cinema release for this?


Somebody hasn’t seen ‘that’s my boy’


no thank you


Showing at a handful of Curzon cinemas in London, not sure about the rest of the UK


Watched this, thought it was decent but Frances Ha is still by miles the best thing Baumbach has done (yeah, I know loads of people here hate it). Saw someone who suggested this new film works as a sequel to Squid and the Whale set decades later which kind of works.


I like Funny People. That was good.


I only realised today that I’ve been getting Frances Ha and whatever that Sally Hawkins film from a few years back was this whole time (not seen either)


Happy Go Lucky (the Mike Leigh one)?