Guys. DiS has now reached it's hot take quota for the year


Please refrain from making hot takes until the start of the next tax year.

This is due to hot take over spending in the Smashing Pumpkin thread, we’re unable to sustain such reckless hot take spending.

Kind Regards


hey this was the 10000th social board thread :tada::tada::balloon:

hot take allowance rolls over every 10000 threads. hooray.


That thread should be closed.


None of my takes were reckless! Each one was necessary and crafted with thought and care, not unlike every moment of every Smashing Pumpkins song.




This take’s so hot my thumbs have fallen off


is the smashing pumpkins thread worth reading if you don’t care about smashing pumpkins?




As a performance art piece, kinda, maybe


Someone needs to get on closing the politics and Brexit threads before someone blows the pressure release valve.




might give it a go in a bit, see whether I can wade through more than 3 posts


More chance of getting through that star wars thread :sleeping:


Would rather read that star wars thread than watch a star wars film.
Ditto the SP thread and one of their albums, actually


I’d rather drink a pint of bin juice than listen to new smashing pumpkins music.