Guys i got a hotfix for the posting bug on this forum on android devices


You hold one finger on the body of the page and move the other finger down the screen as if you were scrolling down to the bottom of the page. Release and then enjoy your corrected reply box




oh it’s not just me then


It isnt. Plenty of people with the issue in the bug forum


Which bug is this? Is it the one where the cursor/input is a couple of lines above where you tap the screen?




we have a bug forum?i know there is a bug forum but I never look in it


Thank you. It’s been bugging me for a while.


We talk about all the besst ones, like ants


This has only been tested on my phone. Mileage my vary


I just close the chrome app then repopen it


reloading the page seems to fix it

it’ll remember your reply too


Not for me now. Going back to the main social page and then clicking on the thread again usually works, but not always.


It remembers your reply until you cancel it. Even if you end up posting on pc instead. Refreshing rarely works for me


yeah it remember your reply if you close the app too so no big problem