Guys, I went back to the DiS site


Remember that? Music reviews, interviews with artists, that kind of thing. What a blast from the past! Anyway, here’s an ad I got:

meme copy

Anyway, would be interested to hear from @sean what impact hiving off the community has had.


I don’t mean tthis to sound dismissive or ungrateful but I genuinely forget there is a main website for DiS


oh nice there’s a Crazy Frog article on the homepage


This was the first time I’ve been on it in months… possibly all year :frowning:


How’s Umlaut getting on?


I went recently to read that really good Radiohead article.


there’s no direct link from the forums to the main site nowadays is there? or am I just an idiot


It sends you there when you log out.


Some of the articles seemed quite old when i was last there


Still has excellent reviews and features imho, I just don’t go there as often unfortunately


I … guess I’ve never logged out

still seems like it ought to be more directly accessible from here to me


i have also never logged out

i’ve logged in but always gone directly to the boards

i’ve read articles on the main site but almost always linked from facebook


is that balonz in that ad?


Now I’m getting this on youtube



Had that on redcafe as well. Seems it’s doing the rounds


What’s happened to Balonz?


PenisDarkness RIP


I got that too! On an app today.


This is the current thinking:


All’s fine thanks. You lot never read the site anyway, right?