Guys! KFC has Mash Potatoes in the UK now

Guess they gave up on fries


Fries were such soggy shite that everyone just took them home to mash them anyway innit. Cut out the middle man.


Might go tomorrow and get some and gravy and a 3pc meal (with some wings maybe0 and have meself a FEAST

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Get rid of all the sides.

ever tried their gravy? it is so bad, like papier mache paste

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They have Rice as well but no one cares

I love it!


Oh that ones the only one that’s alright. I don’t eat any of it though it all goes in the bin. What a waste of a life.

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Eat those things! Eat those things! Eat those things! (to be chanted)

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Best side mate.


best side, still bad


I respect you as a poster and a human being so I’ll bite my tongue here.

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Don’t go large at kfc. You get two portions of chips and it’s weird. Or go large and have a friend eating with you. (Share).

just doesn’t taste of anything, weakest tasting gravy, I like mine to taste like borderline marmite

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KFC gravy tastes like cum.

:thinking: Maybe I should lbe getting into Oral Sex if thats the case

Mashed surely?

Worst potato imho, is there a thread in this? Probably already been done.


One of these weird things where the instant version is better than the real thing.

I mean OBVIOUSLY you are wrong about mashed potato but I think it’s definitely a form of potato that people tend to treat cheaply.

First you want the right potatoes. Baking ones are okay but red-skinned seem to make better mash. Then you want salt in the water and once drained you need salted butter in there to melt in plus some milk. Not too much but enough. Finally I really like to mix in a load of wholegrain mustard.

Anyway, to the important thing:

Mashed potato or (incorrect) mash potato?

  • Mashed potato
  • Mash potato
  • Either is fine (I’m the worst sort of person)

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Mashed potato but the ‘ed’ is silent