Guys My Vitriol seem to have started posting in the My Vitriol thread



Or it could just be @ma0sm

Either way: :smiley:


Can someone seriously fill in whats going on here?


There was a monster thread in the old forum.

Basically they setup a kickstarter for a new album three years ago and got loads of backing and then just did nothing at all apart from saying it was now going to not be the 2nd album but some special kickstarter only thing.

I’ve never listened to them, I just enjoy watching them squirm

This is the original thread


It’s long yes but completely worth reading this old thread on DiS. Just a complete piss take from start to finish.

@fitzcarraldo made that thread back in June 2013 and people are still waiting on a record they paid money for over 3 years later.

Oh edit, @myvitriol


just to clarify i didn’t pledge any money obviously



Money With Wings is what they should fucking call their new album.


Whenever I go back to the old site, I remember how intrusive all the ads are.




I’ve just read (or at least scan-read) the original MV thread in full. How the heck has such a thread sat under my nose for so long accruing comments?