Guys, Real talk for a second... what is the point of salt n shake

I mean why? Other than the odd occasion when you win 2 sachets of salt they’re utterly pointless

decide how much salt you want/salt is freshly applied to crisps so its a bit tastier? idk.


What’s the point of a Fruit Corner yoghurt, too?

It makes you feel like a chef; like a creator.


I like them but I’m not sure why. Think they’re a bit less salty than ready salted even with the whole sachet maybe?

Pretty shit chefs tbf

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It’s just ready salted for brexiters isn’t it?


Frank Smith sold one of Britain’s first crisps to the pubs of Cricklewood in North London in the 1920’s
The salt-cellars he provided vanished as fast as the crisps! The little blue twist of salt in every pack was the ingenious solution
Add as little or as much as you like, and give the pack a shake!
Best Ever

the urban legend was that in pubs they weren’t allowed to add salt to stuff because it would make you drink faster so legally they had to supply salt separately. they’re a carry over from that.

Genuinely surprised these are still on sale. The salts never gets properly evenly spread does it? Just buy some ready salted, ffs.

Quite like them


Everyone loves one really salty crisp mixed in with the bland ones.

Can put inordinate amounts of salt on for true pleasure with no company liability.

division of labour

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*sovereignty crisps. from the Good Old Days.


I don’t think this is the point of them, but I am a big fan of unsalted crisps. For when you need that hit of unadulterated potato flavour.

You can sometimes get kettle chips and Seabrooks in unsalted flavour, but not very often. So salt and shake are the only widely available unsalted crisps.



I remember back when I was at school Walkers had a competition where you could find a blue envelope containing £20 in your crisps. This led to loads of kids hilariously dropping Salt n Shake sachets into their friends crisps


I refuse to believe that anyone ever has bought salt and shake and only added some of the salt. Just not a thing that’s happened

I saw some crisps that claimed to be hand cooked. I dont know what this means?!? But I know I prefer the accuracy and consistency of a machine to cook my crisps.