Guys you know that annoying youtube show "the young turks"

where they play a clip of a republican idiot saying something stupid and then it cuts to the host and the host goes “man i can’t believe this idiot doesn’t believe in evolution/immigration/voter rights lemme break it down here, yeah imma break it down” and we all go “yeah you tell it bro”.

you know the show right?

well the name is a problem isn’t it. like if i started a progressive talk show on youtube called “the restless nazis” or “the inquiring klansmen” it’d be a big deal, wouldn’t it? so how come nobody’s mentioned this to them? idgi.


Thought this was about FFVII for a moment.


And we don’t care about the young turks.

are you sure?


so are we cool to name our liberal talk show “the saucy stalinists”?

I was answering the first question

well familiarise yourself with TYT on YT if you want to join my ad-free 'tubing

alright first draft of “royals”

not to worry my OP covers it pretty well

Sounds shit.

I mean the original Young Turks agitated for the institution of multi-party democracy over absolute monarchical rule, so I don’t think they’re really comparable with Nazis or the Klan, but I can see there’s some coded history in there that might possibly rankle with some people.

I don’t even have a youtube


it’s good hate-watching a-la walking dead

I don’t do hate watching. I don’t have enough time to do the things I actually enjoy as it is.

i’m not trying to start a genocide debate at home time on a thursday but there’s pretty good evidence tyt directed their people to rape/rob/kill a load of armenians based on them being armenians. so it kinda…is comparable?

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I don’t think anyone over the age of 12 watches youtube shows.

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Where else am I supposed to find the best slime recipes?

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